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Client : The Kent Chorus

Kent Chorus Choral Society Branding Identity Collateral Design

Branding a talented group of vocalists to make them pitch perfect

The Kent Chorus elevated themselves from enthusiastic hobbyists to polished performers during 2015 with a number of well received concerts in Kent and a tour of Holland to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Neimegen's liberation. We were asked to give the choir an identity that would reflect their growing stature and importance as a choral group within the county. After consultation and some analysis of the target audience we designed a logo and branding elements that embodied the warm, elegant and professional feel they were seeking.

Brand concept

Embracing the heritage of Kent and using colours that are often seen together in Renaissance art pieces we created a logo with what we like to call "Graceful Gravitas". The highly stylised letters K & C are structurally combined with a surrounding frame, forming an overall image which can also be interpreted as a choirister reading from a songbook. We hope to continue branding and marketing the choir as they move forward during the course of 2016.

We created...

  • Corporate identity
  • Branding and brand development
  • Illustration and infographics
  • Design for print

Completed : August 2015

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