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Content Management 2028 – What will the average CMS be like 10 years from now?

The inevitable rise of AI (Artificial Intelligence) will dominate the development of the Content Management Systems (in our opinion).

The Future of Content Management

Software similar to that developed to provide a vocal interface with phones and other devices will create programmes able to recognise instructions and even advise upon content choices and campaign strategies.

Content is already collected automatically by programmes monitoring the web for news on brands, trends in Social Media platforms and mentions on related networks and it's a relatively small step for these systems to move forwards to the next level and begin reacting to what's being said. Using this constant data stream the CMS of the future will be able to automate much of the management process. Strategy can be formulated and content subsequently created based on the approval of proposed action and distribution/broadcast channels updated accordingly.

Security considerations related to the use of personal and sensitive data will play a large part in shaping the way this content is controlled and ever greater emphasis will be placed upon the need for hosting on secure platforms and protecting privacy. We are already seeing this swing with Google's initiative to clearly show users how they are connected to servers and networks and flag up risks as it detects them.

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