User Experience Design (UX) – The art of avoiding frustrated questions

The key to designing a site that works lies in providing it's visitors with exactly the experience they need.

We try to keep this simple truth at the heart of the design process, creating a finished site that will engage and assist visitors, whilst achieving the online interactions the client requires.

In the words of graphic designer Joe Sparano - "Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent.” If a user has to stop and wonder what to do next it's a fail, If they are immersed in the content and engaging with the brand whilst easily moving around the site, it's a win.

How was it for you?

Page hierarchies, visual pathways and content relationships are established as early as possible in our design process, the aim being to create an intuitive user experience which informs, guides and positively encourages the required action with each navigational decision the user makes. We encourage clients to give us user experience feedback as soon as possible within the build process.

We Create...

  • Intuitive navigation
  • Crafted user journeys
  • Agile page design
  • Online prototyping

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