Sharing knowledge – Shine a light on your client's problems

When someone is expecting to be sold to but is simply given something that helps them they tend to smile.

Happiness, trust and authenticity are the instant result and if contact is made at some point in the future a sense of familiarity and understanding will already be there.

Give - because it's good to

Nothing is remembered more than a kind act performed with nothing to gain. It affirms our humanity, creates positive Karma and makes people smile. If you can identify a client's (or friend's, or even a stranger's) problem and then genuinely try to give advice or assistance that will help them you will have made the world a slightly better place.

Cheese with no Onion

Sounds cheesy? - maybe but the simple truth is that the winner/loser mentality that has driven business psychology for so long will be unsustainable in the not too distant future and the only way we all going to get to the future without ruining this planet and each other will ultimately be by acting together and for the common good. We need to create new models of commerce based upon cooperation and mutual well being. Inclusive as opposed to exclusive with problem solving as opposed to problem avoidance at the heart of our interactions.

Oh and Marvin Gaye once sung a song with Tammy Tyrell comparing the world to an onion that makes people cry. Which is why I took it away from the cheese of course :| (really they did ). Definitely lost my thread a bit with this piece but what the hell - you know what it all means :)

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