Optimise and thou shall gain clients?

We all now live under the SEO Gosple according to Google but remember there are other (often better) paths that you can follow to connect with your market

SEO is not the only road to salvation

Everyone knows that Google is very big, very rich and according to Statista now handles 83.49% of internet searches made in the UK (July 2017). It stands to reason then that ranking well within Google's SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages) will drive more traffic to your site for a targeted search - right? Well yes it probably does. But what does more traffic really mean 99% of the time for a niched B2B website? Not much in our experience. More bandwidth, more noise, more spam certainly but more conversions, more clients, more profit? - we've often found this is not the result.

We had this experience ourselves a few years ago when one month our site visitor numbers jumped up by over 10,000. Upon investigation these visitors nearly all came from China (I guess Baidu got it's wires crossed and pushed us high up it's rankings, no idea why). The end result was, well absolutely nothing. We knew no one from China before or after our brief surge in popularity. No leads, no contacts, just a lot more more pointless traffic.

Alternative routes to market

Granted spending chunks of a marketing budget on SEO, SEM and Adwords brings results if you are marketing a branded product (depending on who else is doing the same and how deep your pockets are) but for a specialist services company looking to increase market share within it's known sector there is a slippery little devil that by-passes the mighty Google altogether and can give a much greater return on investment.

Why bother with search if you already know them?

Most clients we deal with have a list of contacts that they have at some point in the past had an interaction with. These are people that they know, people they have often done business with, people that are quite often local and known within local networks. Providing you send a well crafted, short and relevant message that these people might find interesting and don't bombard them afterwards it is possible to gently cultivate these contacts and leverage the ongoing relationship to open new networks and/or convert them into clients.

Your website can have pages and areas specifically built for these groups which aren't necessarily shared with Google. These pages are best managed by an MA (Marketing Automation) platform which monitors visits and because it knows who the visitors are responds accordingly depending upon the desired outcome. For example if contact A visits page B, send an email to our sales team to notify them.

So what's better – Contact with 100 known souls of interest or 10,000 anonymous visits from the heavens? - no contest.

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