Secure Cloud Hosting – Future proof and maintenance free

The Adobe BC platform provides us with high levels of back end security whilst leaving us with a completely blank canvas with regards to our creativity when building websites. That's good for us and good for our clients. Projects can be prototyped, tested and amended quickly with virtually all features being available from a very early point in the build. We can also provide a completely free test drive for potential clients who wish to assess the CMS without commitment. Custom WebApps can be designed and prototyped quickly for testing, encouraging a creative and Agile method of site building that is oriented to the needs of business owners, rather than the developer.

Solid, Scaleable, Secure

The platform also allows the development and use of custom applications, securely hosted by Adobe and served to sites as required. With Data centres in Europe, North America and Australia all sites are provided with a blanket SSL certificate (Secure Site) and the ability to easily create and use a bespoke SSL if required. Reassuring in an age where cyber crime increases every year.

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