Responsive web design – Large screen, desktop, tablet and mobile friendly

From projection onto the side of a building down to a watch face, it's now possible to display web content pretty much anywhere and on any scale. This fact requires careful thought when designing for a viewport as the user experience on 100ft shared screen in Piccadilly Circus is very different from that of that of somebody lying in bed holding an iPhone.

Horses for Courses

The majority of sites reshuffle content based upon CSS media queries (if the viewport is X wide show configuration A, if it's Y wide show configuration B and so on) which is absolutely fine, but not always the best answer. It's of paramount importance to ask a few questions before committing the content to it's responsive hierarchy. Who do you want to view this? Where and when would you expect them to be looking? What device(s) and viewport sizes might be more important than others? all important questions if you are trying to promote a specific reaction from a specific group.

We Create...

  • Responsive sites that clients can easily update
  • Mobile mini sites for specific campaigns
  • Mobile/Table targeted Apps
  • Scaleable sites suitable for large scale projection

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