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Analytics and Return on Investment – Marketing and the exponential curve

Similar to the cosmos the practice of marketing appears to be changing and growing at a constantly accelerating rate. As a result two things seem very clear to us.
1. Marketing is being continuously molded, morphed and merged by technology.
2. The last people that seem to have a clue quite where it is heading are Marketers.

Don't drown in data

System backed, web led campaigns allowing businesses to cost effectively connect with potential clients have proven to be hugely effective for a number of small business owners over the past decade (eg: Facebook Likes for hairdressers). As the number of platforms, devices and options proliferate and mesh together however and do so on a global scale, the best way to spend a limited budget and verify the return on investment becomes ever more complex. Will we end up in a situation where the machines through AI (Artificial Intelligence) are the only ones who can formulate a strategy within a labyrinth of seemingly infinite options?

"Use the Force Luke"

Until the day arrives however, when machines can actually spend the marketing budget as opposed to just making recommendations the decision will ultimately lie with people and people have a tool that machines or programmes as yet have very little understanding of, namely intuition. Gut feeling, spider sense, deja vu or inner voice - all names for something that most people seem to have but use to varying degrees. It's something that is sublime but undeniably powerful. Intuition along with an intimate knowledge of the target audience makes business owners the best qualified to choose the marketing strategy that works for them. All they need is an accurate summary of the available data and a partner to help execute the elements and stages of a campaign.

We help clients make the most of their business intuition. Creating assets, configuring tools and drawing on our management skills and experience, we partner with clients to help ensure success in marketing along with improved ROI.

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