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Let's Dance – Marketing Automation and Lead Nurturing Campaigns

The importance of timing, frequency and rhythm. It’s no mean feat to find new customers, capture their attention and gain their trust so they become loyal clients. Competition is fierce, the market place is crowded and there are so many tools to choose from. To make an impact you need to learn to dance in time with your customers and Marketing Automation can help you find that rhythm.

We live in a digital era where it’s never been so easy to personalise your marketing and actually talk to people about things they are genuinely interested in. Gone are the days of mass e-blasts that bombard potential clients and random strangers alike with irrelevant messages.

Methods of dance

The secret is ensuring your content is relevant and timely. The key to pulling everything together is Marketing Automation. New technology helps you sift through big data to cultivate and nurture quality leads into loyal customers.

As wonderful as it is, Marketing Automation is not magic. To succeed you need to design a marketing campaign with well-timed content your customers will love.

The buyer’s journey typically has three stages: awareness, consideration and decision. Your job is to move your customers effortlessly from one stage to the next. Easy? Not so. The trouble is, no two customer journeys are the same. Most of us don’t have the luxury of time or resource to be able to tailor all our communications personally, which is where Marketing Automation comes in.

By crunching some big data, Marketing Automation can give you information about where your customers are and what questions they are asking. Armed with this data, you can introduce yourself to people who are actually looking for your help and offer a genuinely useful response.

Select your venue

To start, you need to find the venue where your potential customers are. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are all possible options. With a little bit of targeted research, these can be powerful and cost effective places to turn complete strangers into valuable clients.

Pick your outfit carefully

First impressions count. Once you’ve found your clients, you’ve got to gain their attention. Online you have an average of just eight seconds to make an impact. That’s not long. Your visual identity can say a lot so it’s important to get it right and be consistent. Without consistency, you run the risk of losing trust before you’ve even gained it.

Put your best foot forward

If you charge in with a sales pitch before you’ve even said ‘hello’, you’ve blown it. Your potential customer needs to know you’ve got something that will solve a problem or make their life better in one way or another. They need to know what’s in it for them. Alongside this, your message has got to be consistent with your visual image and, of course, relevant to your customers.

Show them your moves

Once you’ve captured the attention of your audience you can really begin to strut your stuff. But take it slow! A blanket e-blast will just get binned and a generic ad overlooked; but content that’s of value will help you get noticed and build trust. Use Marketing Automation to see what your customers are looking for and respond. Add a little extra value to your content by sharing your story, giving a bit of industry insight or inviting them to take a look at your latest range of products and you’ll start a conversation.

Marketing Automation can help you get the timing right too. You’ll look slick and professional if they spot your ad on Facebook just moments after they’ve read a great e-mail from you. But you’ll look overbearing and presumptuous if you try to close the sale when you’ve not even explained what you do.

Can we do this again?

When you know what tune your customers want to dance to, you can play it. With Marketing Automation you can see the content that gets their attention, so you can provide more of it. You can then guide your customers to respond by making a purchase, requesting a demonstration or attending an event.

The conversation doesn’t stop there though. To really gain the trust of your customer and continue to build your reputation, you need to go on providing relevant and timely content. Don’t forget that a little thank you once in a while never goes a miss either.

Same time, same place?

Any new venture takes time, but once you’ve found the rhythm of your customers, you can synchronise your offerings to meet their needs.

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