Logos and branding – Creating the "right" first impression

Like it or not when confronted with a brand we process the information received on a number of different levels.

We assess the sensory input, be it visual or auditory and draw subconscious conclusions. We don't actively think about it, but we still form an opinion. And we do so very quickly. Good logo design is the cornerstone of a strong brand. It needs to reflect the core values of a business and make an immediate connection with it's target audience.

Our logo designs are saved natively as .svg files (scaleable vector graphic) meaning they will never pixelate and can be reproduced at any size. We create logo designs that work well as monotone (black and white) images if required. We also choose colours which reproduce consistently across a wide range of media.

Branding and the value of a trusted partner

As a business grows and more staff are involved in the production of user-facing materials, the risk of brand dilution and corruption increases. To help prevent this, we provide Corporate Style Guides to ensure that consistency is protected and brand integrity maintained across all mediums, protecting the market perception of the business.

Allowing us to take joint ownership of your brand will give you the facilities, experience and skills of an 'in-house' design and marketing department without the expense of employing permanent members of staff.

We Create...

  • Logos that can be used anywhere
  • Associated branding elements
  • Animated components
  • Style guidelines
  • Brand evaluations

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