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Landing pages and Calls to Action – A page built for one job only

Keep it simple by focussing upon on a single call to action (CTA). For example complete a form to download a useful information sheet.

With short and concise messaging a good landing page becomes becomes the natural destination for a click through email message providing greater insight following the email and going on to offer further value through it's CTA

Use dynamic custom content to focus the attention

Imagine landing on web page that knows who you are and what would probably interest you. This is of course what Google, Facebook etc are developing on a massive scale and we are all seeing ads appearing related to products we have purchased or sites we have visited regularly. But did you know that you can have your own mini version running on your own site. Providing you have a list of contacts that have opted in to your message service you can serve them custom content that then reacts to their choices. This creates the ability to tailor your offering per visitor of interest as well as being able to learn more with each visit made.

A CTA worth making

The value of learning and adapting content in his way means that when the time comes to suggest doing something to the visitor, be it completing a form, downloading a document, watching a video etc the likelihood of them agreeing is greatly improved because the relationship has already been nurtured to the point where action on their part seems like the next logical step.

We Create...

  • Animated web pages
  • Animated infographics
  • Interest and movement online

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