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eCommerce installations – Unlimited products and catalogues

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eCommerce capabilities with Shopaholic form an integral part of the October CMS platform allowing us to quickly create SEO-friendly online shops.

Sell physical and/or digital products

Sell physical products with all the standard tools you'd expect including inventory management, attributes and grouping. Upload and sell digital within minutes. Optional added security is provided by limiting how many times a customer can download a product or restricting whether customers can download from any IP address.

PCI 1 Compliant billing integration

The October CMS platform utilising Shopaholic automatically integrates with a wide range of global payment gateways, making online store setup a truly turn-key experience.

Discounts, vouchers and referrals

Powerful tools such as discount codes, gift vouchers, referral tracking, and affiliate programs are built in.

Automate recurring orders

Sell products with built-in recurrence such as an on-going subscription service or recurring product purchases. Payment and invoicing is all automated.

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