Design – Creative vs Analytical Thinking

Design Thinking - Positive as opposed to negative, solution as opposed to problem focussed. Action oriented towards creating a preferred future.

The process begins with understanding and empathy, what has worked previously and what hasn't, what is the perception of users to the current system/practice? Research the current situation to understand patterns. Ask many questions and clearly define the scope of what is required. Then sit back, relax, meditate and begin to explore all of the possibilities and ideas that are on the table.

Fail fast, learn fast

Accept imperfection, explore innovative and previously untried combinations. Delve into the viabilities and constraints of the proposed route and adapt the course accordingly. Construct solutions, iterate often, test frequently, evaluate, reformulate and reassess. Refine through feedback, test again and upon consensus and approval - launch.

Celebrate the fact that you have probably created a better result than a strict, analytical approach would have yielded and then accept that everything is constantly changing, refinement and adjustment will be ongoing if the solution is to last and start the process all over again.

We Create...

  • New ways of approaching prospects
  • Creative systems for communicating ideas

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