Custom Web Applications – Task specific, customised in site applications

Ok - so what is it?

You can think of each Web App as a self-contained database you add to your site, which can contain any number of different value fields that you wish to enter, display, categorise, and search. After incorporating custom content as individual Web App items you have complete flexibility in developing any number of interactive features that fit perfectly with the online business.

Custom content types can be any type of content receptacle that you can imagine. For example, you could create a Web App that is specifically designed to display the members of the company's sales team. In this scenario, a Web App might be called Sales Team Members, and the data that the mini database contains might include the following information:

For Example...

  • Team Member's Name
  • Team Member's Title
  • Team Member's email address
  • Team Member's bio
  • Team Member's photo

You can then create and edit a Web App item which populates each database record with the data specific to each team member, quickly, without any coding knowledge and containing as many records as are required.

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