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Animation and interactive graphics – What happens if I click on this?

Exciting times these. Video everywhere, pictures that move, diagrams that change on hover and web pages that slide and restructure themselves in interesting and unexpected ways.

The web is coming to life with once static pages now resizing automatically and offering content that directly responds to the users interaction. From a watch display to the side of a skyscraper it's now possible to tell a story with sound and vision just about anywhere and on just about anything. As you've probably gathered by now we find this very, very exciting. Creativity has never had a bigger canvas to work with.

What does web animation mean for the average business?

Quite simply you get to tell your story in a more interesting, more relevant and more meaningful way. If your service or product relies on making an emotional connection, the ways in which you can do so have never been greater. If you need to explain something technical and complex the tools to do so have never been more powerful. If you need to deliver a focussed message to a specific group, in a tailored way the chance to do so has never been better. Take advantage of the possibilities and skill sets that are now available and use them creatively to tell your story, your way.

We Create...

  • Animated infographics
  • Custom video editing
  • Device specific content delivery
  • Animated images
  • Bespoke page tools and interactions

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