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Old dog, new tricks! Creative ideas for use in print and advertising

Print may no longer be used for mass communication but it does have a few qualities that it's digital counterparts simply don't possess

Printing - the practice of smashing up trees (paper) and smearing grease on them (ink) has had a good run since Johannes Gutenberg first tried it around the year 1440. It grew and developed into a huge industry over the following few hundred years, largely because it was just about the only way in which to deliver the written word on an industrial scale. Up until about 10 years ago, training in graphic design was and to a degree still is seen as a process that leads to delivering a printed end product.

Enter the internet

Tim Berners Lee, eMail and the development of broadband over the past 3 decades means we now live in a brave new digital world where print has become outdated, largely unnecessary and is fast becoming something of a novelty (a relief I guess if you are a tree).

People don't expect anything important to turn up in a printed format these days. This makes it's easier to gain the client's attention with an intriguing offering which no longer has to compete for attention with the piles of junk mail and brochures that used to be delivered every day. Promotional print is now a rare thing and that provides a window. The big mistake in our opinion is to waste this chance by serving up more of the very item that has become obsolete, namely the A4/A5 colour brochure. Trained designers with huge print experience spend most of their time now firmly rooted in production for digital output. Why not dust off some of those those old skills and put them to use finding new ways to make the unique qualities of print work once again to actively promote a brand?

Opportunity Knocks

Print may no longer be used for mass communication but it does have a few qualities that it's digital counterparts simply don't possess. Print is physical and even 3 dimensional as packaging. it's tactile, easier on the eye than a screen to look at, long lasting, displays reflective light as a more subtle range of colours that most RGB monitors can't match and can still be used creatively to convey messages in a way that can make a brand remembered as being special. As long as you don't end up with something that looks like an A5 pizza leaflet the possibilities of working creatively with print are still many fold and shouldn't always be disregarded in favour of a digital solution.

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