What do you mean? Logos, identities and conveying a brand's true value

Does your target audience understand your business philosophy? Can they trust in your brand? Does it look and sound trustworthy? Will your business be remembered and revisited? Does your messaging inspire allegiance, fondness and loyalty? - Does your brand deliver on it's promise?

A big brand that's slowly going flat?

Interesting questions and one that the the owners of the world's most famous soft drinks brand will doubtless be asking themselves over the coming years if sugary drinks worldwide continue to decline in popularity. Perhaps they will adapt and thrive once again or is the world beginning to conclude that Sugar = Obesity = Diabetes and because of that fact their relationship with the trusted brands that have pushed these products over the years is slowly and irreversibly changing. Has a world famous brand begun to loose it's authenticity and does that inevitably mean that the huge loyalty it once took for granted will gradually become a thing of the past?

Pop finally begins to lose it's fizz

We are moving swiftly into an age where brands are defined not by their owners but by their users, with huge social networks that are capable of endorsing or totally undermining a brand within a relatively short period of time. Gone are the days of "Ad Men" when a shiny logo, some impressive pictures and a big claim were enough to make a business brand appealing. Authenticity is now the key to a brand's survival.

Authenticity is everything

Seek partners that help your business to be seen as authentic, as a brand that can be trusted, as a brand that is committed to delivering on it's promise.

We Create...

  • Branding components for multi media use
  • Brand building campaigns
  • Brand audits and appraisals
  • Brand related content strategies

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