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Winning over subscribers – Get up close and personal or just get ignored

"Subscribe to our newsletter" is a pretty tired request. "Why should I?" is a pretty good answer.

You may love the content, but is it what your visitors need?

Do you give your name and email address away without a good reason? I suspect not. So why expect people to sign up for your newsletter or download your brochure which seems exactly the same as all the others or buy your widget without scanning Google or Amazon to see if they can save themselves a few quid?

And after all that you moan that your content marketing isn't working. It isn't working because it's boring, often too similar (even plagiarised) and offers nothing new, original or useful to the visitor you are hoping to attract.

New subscribers – No homework = No result

Hard work - research, analysis, effort. If you expect somebody to be interested in you, your services, products, business and brand you need to put time and effort into creating something you're genuinely proud of. Something elegant, clear and well structured something that...

  • 1. Captures their attention
  • 2. Says something or gives something of real value to them - and does it quickly.
  • 3. Expresses your character and your brand values without selling, making you sound like the expert you are.

Lastly be consistent and timely once you have subscribers. Treat them with respect, nurture the relationship and always put their needs first. The sale when it comes will then seem like a natural progression in the relationship without feeling forced or engineered.

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