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Brand Perception – Dare to be different

If differentiating your business is important why do most websites look so similar?

Over the past few years the of the development HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript along with faster broadband, vastly improved web browsers and an explosion of device types has made the creative process of crafting brand messages virtually limitless.

Lack of brand differentiation = zzzzzz!

It's ironic then that in an age of unparalleled possibility, the vast majority of businesses condemn themselves to online obscurity by conforming so slavishly to the norm. A clean, modern, safe, dull and totally forgettable site - same old layout, same old navigation, same old messages about being different. Yawn.

A window opens?

If however you have the gumption to not run with the herd and invest in exploring genuinely new ways of presenting the brand your business can create a true differentiator to shout about, something memorable, something unique. Remember too that if your business is largely being ignored because it's predictable and just the same the next one on Google's results page you really have nothing much to lose by trying something new.

We Create...

  • Identities based on possibility, not convention
  • New ways of delivering messages
  • Connections based upon sparking the interest
  • Explorations into the unusual

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