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Leveraging the power of Blogs and Article Libraries

Attention spans are shrinking ever smaller online, don’t keep the reader guessing for long or they will start scanning and then click away.

Keep it short and on point

Publish snippets and teasers around the web to intrigue and encourage the reader to make the all important click through.

Horses for Courses

Use formats your audience/industry expects and will easily digest. If you write well then write. If you tell a good joke create a video and use it in the intro. If you’re a social type invite interactions directly through a social channel. If you’re the quite, reserved type don’t make yourself the centre of attention but instead create something useful for your audience, a helpful pdf or possibly share some useful advice and/or knowledge that is relevant.

Keep an ear to the ground

Respond to any comments and shares quickly if possible – engage and keep the conversation going, even if it’s only to thank the reader for their comment.

And an eye on the destination

Learn from what has worked well and admit what hasn't. Who engaged, how they engaged, and what did they do next. Record the data, analyse, adjust and modify future campaigns based upon what you have learned. Repurpose and update wherever possible.

In a nutshell

Publish often, keep it short, make one point well, broadcast over every channel you think your audience might notice and lastly always link back to a related landing page on your site. Once a reader is on a landing page from a click through you can take engagement to the next level and with a bit of effort learn much more about them and their needs.

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